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I am an artist and photographer with a multi-media practice. I have worked in the music industry, collaborating with musicians writing and performing my own material in the UK and New York.  I have headed up national charities acting as an advocate and campaigner for social justice and environmental issues. 


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Feeding sparrows on Holy Island: an ethical dilemma by Paul Evans Photographs by Maria Nunzia @Varvera


Blood and bandages: a healer in the hedgerow Guardian Country Diary by Paul Evans Wenlock Edge 12 October 2016


Festival of Idea Suffolk October 2016 At Lackford Lakes with Melissa Harrison. Author of Clay, At Hawthorn Time, published by Bloomsbury and Rain, by Faber and Faber.


Why the elder is a gift of wonders Guardian Country Diary Wenlock Edge by Paul Evans 5 October 2016


Robin's alarm flashes red for danger across the green space Guardian Country Diary Wenlock Edge 28 September 2016


Nature Flash Great spotted woodpecker photographs and video of Paul Evans reading extract from Field Notes From The Edge published by Rider Books.

Peacock butterfly

Nature Flash Peacock butterflies photographs and video

Found Stories


Protect UK Environment & Wildlife - adopt European environmental legislation. The vote to leave the EU could leave our wildlife at risk. The EU has developed a strong set of laws that protect the environment and our wildlife. As these laws will not apply when the UK leaves the EU we need new laws for the UK

Great Butterfly Adventure

Great Butterfly Adventure

The migration of the painted lady has long fascinated scientists, artists and nature lovers alike. The longest butterfly migration on earth, it sees millions of these delicate creatures travel from the desert fringes of north Africa, across thousands of miles of land and sea, before settling in the UK. However, the migration has never truly been understood, the mysteries of the painted lady never unravelled - until now. This documentary reveals the secrets of this extraordinary phenomenon.

Woodpeckers in Argyll villages

Woodpeckers in Argyll villages

Woodpeckers drilled their way through electricity poles in Scottish village WITH their striking appearance they are one of the most welcome visitors to the gardens of bird lovers across the land. However, the Great Spotted Woodpecker - which is so often heard but not seen - has been unmasked as the culprit responsible for drilling its way through an Argyll village's electricity poles.

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